Launching a Dads Group : Murwillumbah High School

A recount by Murwillumbah High school chaplain Rachel Thompson:

The Murwillumbah High inaugural Fathering project event “Paper Planes and Pizza” was held on Tuesday March 12, 2019 and was a great success. There were around 50 fathers/father figures and kids and much fun was had by all. People arrived at the hall grabbed a name tag, and after a quick intro from our principal Peter about connecting with their kids and other dads – they were off and into some serious paper plane designing and strategising. It was great to see kids and dads working together and having a laugh – and one girl even had her dad helping her via Skype from the Pilbara!

There were various challenges set up around the hall – including the ultimate distance challenge, target challenge and throw the plane through a series of hoops challenge and everyone rotated through each one. The pizzas disappeared almost the moment they arrived and then we gathered and watched a video from the Fathering project so that everyone was clear and encouraged about the purpose behind our get together.

The evening finished with the ultimate paper plane challenge where two groups competed to make the biggest paper plane they could from some old Coles promotional posters. These enormous planes were launched outside the hall and went flying down the hill towards the oval – it was a great way to finish the night. We look forward to what’s next and continuing the process of building stronger bonds between dads/kids/school.


Let them live their own lives

Encourage your children to have their own lives. Don't live your life through them.


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