Leading by Example – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

By Bruce of Wichita

What do you want your children to remember of you?

Raising four daughters and now raising four of our grandchildren; that I live by example showing them how a man treat his wife and family. Knowing that family is sacrifice of oneself.

What do you remember of your father?

Working, being there for us, food, keeping me out of trouble when I got into it.


Get some mental exercise

Challenge your brain’s powers with puzzles and games, and encourage your children to do the same.

Dads and Kids funspiration

When school’s out – enjoy spending time with your kids, rather than endeavouring to ‘entertain’ them.

If you need to stay home but want to have quality fun time – ask them what they want to do and give some of your own ideas too – choose together and make a whole day of it.

Deciding is half the fun; but here are some ideas to get you started...