Let kids know they are loved

“During adolescence the boys of course called us ‘dinosaurs’ and there were conflicts at times, as you would expect. We always made sure that they were aware that we loved them and that we would always be there for them. No matter what the conflict was at the time, we would always end the discussion by making sure we said something like, ‘We just want you to know we love you so much.’” – Dennis Lillee, former Australian cricketer.

  • Parenting is not always easy. But even in the difficult times, tell your child you love them.
  • During an argument it is especially important for your child to know your love is unconditional.
  • Set a goal to never end the day without letting your child know they are loved!


Attend the kids’ sports and other interests

Encourage your children in whatever sport and other interests they have chosen, by attending games and asking them questions.


Live a balanced life

When you work for a more balanced life you do better in all areas.