Life together is most important

“I’m unconvinced by the notion of ‘quality time’. Time with my father wasn’t memorable because he made sure we did exciting and spectacular things together. Mostly we did mundane things. But we did a lot of them. I treasure my childhood because I had quantity time. Time that is not merely occasions. We did a fair bit of camping. There were special moments, of course, but mostly it was just hanging out. Non-verbal stuff.” – Tim Winton, author and playwright

  • You don’t need to plan big ‘special’ events to spend time with your child. Everyday moments have just as much value
  • Find time every day to just be with your child. Those will be the moments you both remember forever!


Set a treasure trail

Leave clues for your child to follow while you are apart.


As time flies by

Children grow up fast – make sure you create opportunities to spend time with them as much as you can.