Link up with other separated dads

Here’s a tip for separated dads:

Linking up with other separated dads in your area, particularly if you are not living close to extended family or established networks of friends, can give you and your children the opportunity to share experiences, and to both give and receive support when needed.

Just the knowledge that you are not alone in grappling with some of the issues of being a separated dad can be helpful.

Organisations such as Separated Dads WA or the equivalent in your state can also provide assistance.


Call your child’s teacher or sports coach

Even when you are away from home, call your child’s teacher or sports coach to discuss any concerns you may have, or simply to say ‘thanks’.


Teaching children values

Don’t assume your children will learn the right values through TV, movies, magazines or their peers. Dads are powerful influencers, so model in your own life the values you want your children to learn.