Live a balanced life

“My advice to young dads is that when the doors start swinging open for you and you have moments of real success and fulfillment in your career, you need to have people around who can step in and tell you to slow down. However, you do need to listen to them – I had people at church say those things but I thought they didn’t understand. But they did – I should have listened more. The wisdom of the years says you have to make a choice, a hard choice. Or a series of choices. That’s just how it is.” – Tim Costello, minister and CEO of World Vision Australia.

  • Be conscious of how the jobs you take effect the wellbeing of your family.
  • More money does not always mean a better life for your family.
  • Take time to check in with your partner and decide if the home/work balance is working for your family.


Get out the pump

Go down to the local park or court and play some sport with your kids.


Fathering is self-sacrificial

As a father your child's needs come before your own.