Look for opportunities to be involved

“I’m not really proactive with fathering but I would call myself an ‘active opportunist’. I look for opportunities, and I think there are probably enough opportunities in a child’s life to cover most of the required teaching moments. Of course that depends on whether you have the time available to be there when those teaching moments occur!” – Kanishka Raffel, minister.

  • Think back on the last few weeks. What moments passed you by that could have been teachable moments?
  • Teachable moments happen regularly. Be on the lookout for these opportunities and take advantage.


“The (Sex) Talk”

By the time your child is ready for the sex talk, it's likely they know a lot about the biology of it all from school or elsewhere.
Instead of focusing on the technical talk, start a conversation about how your child can make the best decisions for themselves.


Keep yourself healthy

Being a dad can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Keeping yourself healthy will help you to be a better dad.