Look for opportunities to be involved

“I’m not really proactive with fathering but I would call myself an ‘active opportunist’. I look for opportunities, and I think there are probably enough opportunities in a child’s life to cover most of the required teaching moments. Of course that depends on whether you have the time available to be there when those teaching moments occur!” – Kanishka Raffel, minister.

  • Think back on the last few weeks. What moments passed you by that could have been teachable moments?
  • Teachable moments happen regularly. Be on the lookout for these opportunities and take advantage.


Break the cycle of a poor role model

You don’t have to be like your dad. If he was never a good role model to you while growing up, break the cycle!


What girls need from their dads

Girls need to hear how worthwhile and beautiful they are - not 'pretty', but 'beautiful'.