Love needs to be shown

“I’ve always been really affectionate with the kids. In fact I still hug my son when he goes out and he is 17 years old and a big basketballer. Mark has never been inhibited about giving me a kiss when he goes out, even in front of his mates. I really love that and I think it’s really important.” – Dennis Cometti, football commentator

  • When you start showing your children affection at a young age it becomes the norm. For them and for you!
  • Showing your child affection builds their confidence in your relationship and teaches them how to be loving toward others.


Negative Peer Pressure

Don’t avoid talking to your children about peer pressure. Also, invite their friends to your home and get to know them uncritically.


Help your child establish a good homework routine

Help your child with their homework – but don’t do it for them!