Make more time for family

“One big change I made to my life when I realised what it took to be a good father was to work less, and also to work from home more often. Now I only work a four-day week and I run my computing service from home. This is important because my wife works, and really we have to share the parenting time.” – Peter de Blanc, computer systems manager.

  • While work is a necessity, so is your family. How can you structure your work to make more time for your family?
  • Is there a way you can share some of the parenting time with your wife?
  • Spending more time at home will show everyone that your family is a priority to you!


Impacts when fathers reunite with children

Be aware that your children have coping strategies in place while you are away from them – don’t be too hasty in making judgements when you see your children again.


Virtual dinner

Use Skype to have dinner with your kids when they are not with you.