Make the first move

“If the kids don’t want to communicate with you then you need to make the first move.” – Graham Smith, stonemason.

  • When asked about their day kids often give one word answers. It’s up to us, as parents, to ask again and again in lots of different ways.
  • Sometimes children don’t want to talk right after school, just like adults need down time after work. Try talking to your child first thing in the morning, or right before bed.


Game Choice – Who Decides?

This is a short and humorous clip featuring Peter Rowsthorn and the topic of who decides what games to play when spending time with your children.


Take a minute to celebrate ‘The Land Down Under’

Here’s some stellar advice from Tommy Caldwell, one of the top rock climbers on the planet - someone who Kym imagines spent way too much of his formative years hanging off high-points by his fingertips (and maybe being told not to by well-meaning adults).