Make time during the day

“I always give the kids direct access to me when I am at work, even if I have people with me. In fact I have a special phone line on my desk that only the family use. Of course, sometimes when they call it’s not convenient for me to talk to them and I let them know that unless it is urgent we need to talk later, but they always know that they have direct access to me.” – Tim Willoughby, stockbroker and triple Olympian.

  • Making yourself available to your children lets them know that they are a priority.
  • When children can approach you in their own time they may just be more willing to share their problems with you.


Really listen to your children – they will notice!

Remove distractions, focus on your child, and listen to what they are saying.



BUST is an acronym to help dads remember the key ways they can engage with their children and make a positive difference in their lives.