Make time for kids on work days

“When I am home I try to take Rachel to school and often pick her up as well. I’m told that I’m one of the dads most commonly seen at the school because of course a lot of the other dads never take their kids to the school at any time.” – Kim Beazley, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

  • Try dropping off or picking up your child once a week
  • Use the time together to talk about school
  • Ask your child about upcoming assignments or activities happening at school


A picture is worth 1,000 words

Take photos of your workplace and/or your home (if you live apart from your children) to show your kids – this will help them to visualise where you are when you are not with them.


Build a model together

If you work away from home, travel a lot, or don't see your children often due to access limitations, here's an activity to try: spend time with your child when you are together building something.