Making family a priority

“The kids always had priority over any visiting professor and over any weekend activities that I might otherwise have done, such as play golf. I never felt that this was a sacrifice, it’s just what we did.” – Ian Constable, founder, Lions Eye Institute.

  • Children need your ‘available’ time. Time with them should take precedence over other free time activities.
  • Sometimes spending time with your children means sacrificing things you want to do.
  • And yet, time with your children will be the most valuable time you spend. And the most meaningful in the long run.


Daughters and Eating Disorders

Girls listen very carefully to what their fathers say. How your daughter feels about her outlook is from the comments or compliments you give to her.


Have a shared parenting plan

Discuss and develop a plan with your children’s carer to handle issues that require your participation when the children are not with you.