Making family a priority

“The kids always had priority over any visiting professor and over any weekend activities that I might otherwise have done, such as play golf. I never felt that this was a sacrifice, it’s just what we did.” – Ian Constable, founder, Lions Eye Institute.

  • Children need your ‘available’ time. Time with them should take precedence over other free time activities.
  • Sometimes spending time with your children means sacrificing things you want to do.
  • And yet, time with your children will be the most valuable time you spend. And the most meaningful in the long run.


Keep yourself healthy

Being a dad can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Keeping yourself healthy will help you to be a better dad.


Get creative in showing your children you love them

Actions speak louder than words – telling your children you love them is meaningless if you don’t follow this up with purposeful action.