Measuring Success

What does success look like to you? What is your idea of a successful person and a successful family? Listen to Bruce Robinson on this topic, or read the transcript below.

Measuring Success

I wonder how you measure success in life.

When I became Western Australian of the year, people imagined that this was a measure of success in my life, and it was really exciting. But to be honest it wasn’t as exciting as people imagined, and what I’ve learned is that I would much rather be at home with my family, having a barbeque with friends – and I wonder why that is.

Of course I’ve loved the opportunity I’ve had as Western Australian of the year- opportunities to speak and make a difference – and maybe that’s why you’re listening to me now. But I’ve learnt that it’s not my measure of success. I wonder why it is that I would rather have time with my family and friends at a barbeque. I think it’s because over the years I’ve invested in that and I’ve really been surprised. I’ve invested, often because I thought I should, but it turns out I love it!

What worries me, I think, is that people let other people define success for them. Of course, if you’re a professional golfer, your professional life is defined by a scorecard, but your personal life cannot be defined by that scorecard. So don’t let anyone else define success for you and, when it comes to your family life, you have to choose what will a successful family life look like – no one else can define that for you.


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