Negative Peer Pressure

Two very important tips – don’t avoid talking to your children about peer pressure, and secondly invite their friends to your home and get to know them uncritically. Listen to Bruce Robinson’s podcast on this topic or read the transcript below.

Negative Peer Pressure

Without a doubt, one of the biggest fears that parents have is that of negative peer pressure for their children, but in worrying about it parents often make two big mistakes:

  • They are so worried that they actually don’t talk to their children about it and our research at UWA and The Fathering Project shows that about 90% of dads don’t actually talk to their kids about peer pressure.
  • The second mistake is actually putting those negative peers down verbally.

So we have 2 very important tips for parents who are worried about negative peer pressure for their kids.

First is: don’t avoid talking to them, actually ask the kids about it and also give them strategies, and even practise them.

The second tip is something I actually learnt from a friend of mine and he said that he was worried, so he began to invite his son’s friends around for barbeques, and he found that they loved to talk to him, and he found that not only did those children no longer be a negative influence on his son, they actually started to look after his son and protect him, and he also was able to speak into their lives.

So the second good tip is begin to invite their peers around – get to know them uncritically, and you’ll find that those peer pressures are reduced.


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