New dads: take paternity leave

A report in the Economist magazine (“The dad dividend”, May 16, 2015, p. 50) highlighted research showing that dads who took paternity leave when their children were born were more likely to be actively involved in parenting as their children grew older. Moreover, children of dads who took paternity leave seem to do better educationally, even in secondary school.

  • Take at least a week of paternity leave, if available.
  • Get involved in parenting your child from day one.


Don’t postpone being a better dad

You don’t have forever. Time with your kids is very special, so ensure you start from the first day they are born and go on a journey of becoming a good dad to them. Listen in to an inspiring story of a stepfather to his children.


Being involved and overcoming peer pressure

Being involved in your kid’s lives is really important. Your involvement shows them how much you care about them.