Offset the disappointment of missing important dates

One of the most common complaints about being a FIFO worker, travelling a lot for work, or being separated from your partner, is that you miss important dates in your children’s lives like birthdays, sport games, awards at school assemblies, etc. To a large extent you will know ahead of time whether these events will happen when you are away from your children, so plan for them. Become the optimist and work out in advance how to have your own celebration or opportunity to attend.

A dad who lives or works away from his children has to be even better at diary management. Instead of you and your children being disappointed at missing something, set up make-up dates and celebrate the times you do go to their event.


When fathers praise teenage daughters with parental intelligence

Dr Laurie Hollman gives some tips on giving your daughter meaningful and effective praise.


Create time away with each of your kids

Taking each of your children on a trip with you, whether overseas or just for a few days to the next town, is a great way to spend time with your child and help them feel special.