One-on-one time is important

“If you decide that your kids are a priority and you have control of your time then it is possible to spend lots of time with them even though you’ve got a busy job. For example, when Sue was working and couldn’t pick the kids up from school, I took three afternoons off per week to pick them up. If I needed time off with them I just did it, no question.” -Peter Le Soeuf, university professor

  • Find a way to drop off or pick up your child from school, even if it’s only once a week
  • Go together for an afternoon tea or a snack
  • Use that time to ask how your child is getting along with friends on the playground or if anything is troubling them about school


Kids and their devices – achieving a healthy relationship

Do your children seem to be permanently attached to their smartphones and other devices? Here are some parenting tips on helping kids to develop a healthy relationship with their devices.


Be an example for your child

Seeing how you handle different situations in your life, good and bad, influences your children.