One-on-one time is important

“If you decide that your kids are a priority and you have control of your time then it is possible to spend lots of time with them even though you’ve got a busy job. For example, when Sue was working and couldn’t pick the kids up from school, I took three afternoons off per week to pick them up. If I needed time off with them I just did it, no question.” -Peter Le Soeuf, university professor

  • Find a way to drop off or pick up your child from school, even if it’s only once a week
  • Go together for an afternoon tea or a snack
  • Use that time to ask how your child is getting along with friends on the playground or if anything is troubling them about school


Prioritising when seeing your kids again – that first hour counts

Plan an activity to do with your children as soon as you see them again – this shows them that they are your number one priority.


Quality time is not enough

Scheduling ‘quality time’ with your children is only part of the answer to building strong relationships. Spend lots of time with your children so you are there when they want to talk.