Plan ahead

If you work away from home or travel a lot, here’s a tip:

A little planning can help make your spare time while you are away from your children more valuable. While you are with your children, sit down with them and work out what‘s coming up in your children’s lives and how it fits with your off-work hours. Schedule phone calls and Skype chats for times that suit everyone. Mark these appointments on a calendar so the kids can see when you will call, and in your diary or phone calendar (with an alarm!) so you don’t forget.

(Of course, surprise phone calls are also fun, but don’t be upset if nobody is home or they are distracted by other issues and don’t have time to talk.)


Use technology to stay connected during the day

It is now easier than ever to stay connected with your children even when you are at work.

Dads and Kids funspiration

When school’s out – enjoy spending time with your kids, rather than endeavouring to ‘entertain’ them.

If you need to stay home but want to have quality fun time – ask them what they want to do and give some of your own ideas too – choose together and make a whole day of it.

Deciding is half the fun; but here are some ideas to get you started...