Plan your workday backwards

Instead of starting the workday by making a long list of things to do and then realising that you will be staying late to get everything accomplished, start at the end. Block out in your diary the time you will be leaving the office (say, 5:30pm), and then work backwards to plan your day to accomplish the necessary tasks.

  • Knowing you only have a fixed number of hours available helps you focus on the critical tasks for the day and avoid wasting time.
  • Treat the finishing time as immovable – if something urgent comes up, rearrange, delegate or defer other tasks to make time.
  • Your children will appreciate having dad home earlier each day.


What boys need

Always model the behaviour you wish your child to imitate – even when you think they are not aware of what you are doing.


Create a project together

Start a project that you can work on when you are together.