Play is more than just a game

“Play is more than just non-work. It is one of the pieces in the puzzle of our existence, a place for our excesses and exuberances. It is where life is lived in a very special way. It is a time when we forget our problems for a while and remember who we are. Play is more than just a game. It is where you recognise again the supreme importance of life itself. Like a child, you see life as it is and as it was meant to be. In play you can abandon yourself, you can immerse yourself without restraint, you can pierce life’s complexities and confusions. You can be whole again, without trying.” – Tim Hansell.

  • Play with your children.
  • It is what life is all about.

Time with teens

The older children get, the busier they become and the harder it can be to find moments to connect. Here are a few tools you might use to find a few extra minutes with your teenager.


Keep Calm & Carry on

In this short and humorous clip with Peter Rowsthorn, he discusses the importance of keeping calm around your children, even in stressful situations.