Practise good communication

“The odds are that when you start fathering you are quite definitely programmed, based on your own background. You therefore need to be generous in accommodating your partner’s views. You have to mature very quickly and understand what is in your partner’s mind.” – Danny Hill, businessman.

  • Most people begin by parenting the way they were parented. And you may assume your wife will mother the way you were mothered. Unless you make a conscious effort to look at parenting differently.
  • Have a conversation with your partner about how you were each raised. Discuss together what you liked and didn’t like about your upbringing. What traditions do you want to continue and what would you like to change?


Connect over a meal

Use meal times to do more than just talk about what happened that day.


The Life Changing Fathering Book

Professor Bruce Robinson’s book, ‘Fathering from the Fast Lane’, contains stories and tips to help all dads become better dads.