Prioritising when seeing your kids again – that first hour counts

The first thing you do when you see your kids again after an absence tells your children a lot about you and your priorities. Finishing a stretch of shift work away from home or travelling interstate or overseas for work can leave you feeling tired and ready to have time to yourself – so think about your priorities.

Your children will want to spend time with you as soon as they can so make sure you prioritise them first.  This can be done by going to pick them up from school or having a plan to do something immediately you open the front door.  For example, take a drive to the beach, walk the dog together, or kick a ball together.  The exercise will help you and will show your children you really do believe they are important.  You will get a chance to spend time to yourself later, but try to set aside your first hour back together for your children.


Camping with your children can be an adventure

Sometimes things go wrong when camping. Consider these events as stories to be handed down in family folklore, and enjoy this time spent with your kids.


Teach values to your children

Be specific about values like trust, honesty, integrity, respect, racism, generosity to those who are poor and kindness to those in need.