Provide a sense of security

“One way I have learnt to empower my children is to father in reaction to the way I was fathered. I remember clearly having my feelings squashed, being belittled and being shamed by my father. I felt it a lot. My heart goes out to kids who get shamed and belittled because I have vivid memories of it myself.” – Doug Aberle, engineer.

  • When you put down others you diminish them rather than building them up. Make your home a ‘no put down zone.’
  • Work to build a relationship with your child that makes them feel safe. Safe to share their thoughts and feelings with you. Safe to be who they are.
  • Consciously find ways to encourage and empower all children you encounter, not just your own.


Keep Calm & Carry on

In this short and humorous clip with Peter Rowsthorn, he discusses the importance of keeping calm around your children, even in stressful situations.


Your greatest accomplishment

Being a great father is a success, in and of itself.