Put your kids to work

“One way to spend time with my kids was to create areas of work that involved them. In my work as a church Minister it was possible to get the kids and their friends together for camping trips, Bible studies and so on. That way I could be with them and be working at the same time.” -Ray Arthur, minister.

  • Even if you don’t work with children, you can involve your children in your job.
  • Give your child age appropriate tasks to do when they are at work with you. Allow them to sort, or organize, or research. Any task that helps engage them in what it is you do every day.
  • Not only will you have more time together, but your child will begin to understand a bit more about who you are and what you do.


Indoor activities to try

Turn off the TV and try these fun indoor activities.


Teaching children values

Don’t assume your children will learn the right values through TV, movies, magazines or their peers. Dads are powerful influencers, so model in your own life the values you want your children to learn.