Quality time is not enough

“Quality time alone does not work. The kids soon discovered when I had the ‘quality time’ look in my eye, when I only had an hour to spend and I was going to come in and ask them about their schoolwork and want to play basketball. Naturally they would disappear. It’s only quantity time that allows for quality moments.” – Tim Costello, minister and CEO of World Vision Australia

  • You can’t force quality time with your children
  • Spending everyday moments together has just as much value as the special moments
  • Often the quality moments happen right in the middle of the most mundane tasks. They are simply the result of being in the right place at the right time.


Don’t create a kid cave!

Watch Peter Rowsthorn as he shares a message on behalf of The Fathering Project about the risks associated with setting your children up too well in their bedrooms!


Being there for your teenagers

Continue to listen to your teenager and be there for them as you help them grow towards adulthood.