Quality time requires self-sacrifice

“Both my parents gave us to understand that we were the most important thing in their lives. It takes some doing, some living, to achieve this. I suspect that, as contemporary parents, we all tend to expect too much – to have every cake and eat it, too. We’re at the mercy of our social and material ambitions. Often our kids come off second best to this compulsion to be bigger, richer, groovier. That’s why I cringe when I hear that yuppy phrase ‘quality time’. So often it’s guilt time, obligation time, getting in with the missus time, paying my dues time, being seen to be a good father time. There are men of my generation who spend even less time with their kids than their fathers did.” – Tim Winton, author and playwright

  • Too often we expect every interaction with our children to be a magical moment. And when it isn’t we feel like we are missing the boat
  • There is no need to be more, have more, do more. All your children want is time…with you!


Communicating with your child

The most powerful way to engage with your child on a daily basis is to shift your communication gear from ‘transactional' to 'interactional’.


Create a project together

Start a project that you can work on when you are together.