Rain, Hail & Shine – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

“The inspiration for this song is that I wanted to make something for my girls so they will always know how much I love them and that they are always in my heart and foremost in my mind. Everything I do, I do with their best interests in mind and I hope they always feel loved and deserving of love no matter where they are, near or far. I fiddled around with some chords and found a nice song structure and then the words just wrote themselves in about 20 minutes. It’s not always that way but this song just fell into place very easily and nicely, I reckon.” – Tony Munnings, a father to two daughters, Jade and Lily.


Encourage awareness of surroundings

Challenge your children to always be aware of their surroundings.


Be there

If you are separated from your partner and have limited access to your children, make sure they know that you will continue to always be there for them.