Review why you are FIFO

FIFO jobs carry a financial premium for being remote. For some, it is a difficult merry-go-round to get off. You and your family may not like you being absent, but you also don’t want to lose the financial benefit.

Remember why you are taking the role. Any financial gain will be quickly lost if the family unit falls apart. It is useful for you and your partner to write down why you are in this sort of role, and then think beforehand about what the triggers might be for you to change. Review these triggers at least annually.


Eating out can be an event

What is important is regular time together. It doesn't matter if the meal is at home or a restaurant.


How to navigate the journey of raising daughters

Let’s face it, Dads often find girls a foreign breed (literally and figuratively). Here are some tips for Dads to help in raising daughters.