Rough and Tumble Play

Dr Richard Fletcher leads the Fathers and Families Research Program at the University of Newcastle. Richard’s book ‘The Dad Factor‘ presents explanations of why a father’s involvement with his child, right from birth, is vitally important to the development of a child’s brain and emotional stability. Richard’s book discusses the value of ‘Rough and Tumble Play’. Research shows that there are many benefits of Father-Child rough and tumble play. View the video to hear Richard Fletcher’s presentation at the University of Newcastle and learn how rough and tumble play is good for children and dads too.


My boy, my song for him and my Grandad’s love – A Fatherhood Legacy Story

This is a story of a grandfather’s legacy to a young father in the way he was brought up when his biological father was no longer there with the family.


Create special times with your children

Arrange to spend time with each of your children on a regular basis.