It is important to say the three words – ‘I Love You’

I Love You written on wood

“It’s important to tell your kids that you love them. I had difficulty doing that until one day. After Jamie’s wedding he came out of the church and we embraced and he said to me, ‘I love you, old man.’ I found the tears poured out of my eyes. My dad never said that to me and I wouldn’t have been able to say it to my kids except for that experience – it empowered me. Now I find it much easier to say ‘ love you’ – and to express other feelings – to my kids.” – Ian Brayshaw, former Western Australian footballer and cricketer

  • Saying the words ‘I love you’ can be difficult. It takes practice to become comfortable expressing that emotion
  • Set a goal to say ‘I love you’ at least once every day. Perhaps when you leave for work, or when you put your children to bed
  • The more you say those three little words, the easier it will become.


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