Set a treasure trail

Younger children love adventure and the idea of a treasure hunt can be a real winner. Take for example the film “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” when the Tom Hanks character has a game with his son.

A treasure hunt can be done when the father is apart from the child. It certainly can be planned and prepared when apart and it just takes some imagination to get it happening. It can even be prepared when you are with the children and then have the children follow a paper trail or set them tasks that they need to respond back to you when you are apart. Clues can be sent by email or left lying around by your children’s carer.

Activities such as this let them know that you are interested in them even though you may not be physically there.


Be involved in your children’s lives outside of school

Create opportunities to spend time with your children after school.


Read books together

Use Skype or phone to read together with your child, or read the same books.