Set goals

If you work or travel away from home a lot, it can be easy sometimes to lose sight of why you are doing this rather than spending more time with your family.

As a family, map out goals that you have over the short and longer term – for example, a holiday, new car, paying off the mortgage – and plan how you are going to achieve them. Make these plans visual (using pictures, graphs and charts) and visible (on the fridge at home; on your noticeboard on site).

On days when things are not going so well, these plans can help remind you why you are working long hours away from home and help you become re-focused and re-motivated.


Runaway toy

If you work away from home or travel a lot, try this idea: pretend that one of your child’s toys “ran away” to spend time with dad.


Great fathering tip

A short and humorous video clip featuring Peter Rowsthorn sharing a message on behalf of The Fathering Project.