Share a hobby with your child

“My son and I sometimes load the mountain bikes onto the car then drive up to the mountains behind us and ride on trails for a few hours. To be perfectly honest the best part of the trip is the driving to the mountains and driving home again. I guess it’s the anticipation of the adventure that we talk about on the way there and discussing what we both did on the way back. When we are on the trails we are both busy doing our own thing, mostly surviving the ride, so we don’t talk as much.” -John Kolbe, university professor

  • Sharing a hobby can be a meaningful time for you both
  • Plan an outing on a regular basis, something you can both look forward to
  • Take advantage of the time together to talk to each other


Make it a habit

If you can, aim to spend a few minutes one-on-one with each of your children every day.


Play with your children

Don’t just sit and watch your children at play, join in!