Share Dreams

Send notes via email that require the father and child to provide some answers to each other’s questions. Because it is not face to face time, you need to be open yourself in order to get your child to open up. Here are some examples of the sort of email that you can share together.

Day 1 – Three things I liked about today.

Day 2 – What dad and child will do together the first day or second day that they are together.

Day 3 – Something extra I will do when we are apart to let you know I am thinking of you.

Day 4 – Something you each learned or did new today.

Day 5 – Something interesting about a hobby or outing you do together.

Email works well as you don’t have to both be available at the same time – especially handy if you are in a different time zone.


Play with your children

Don’t just sit and watch your children at play, join in!


Be the voice in your child’s head

Peer pressure can be very hard to ignore. To help your kids avoid giving in to peer pressure, it is important to be the voice in your child’s head encouraging them to think twice before following the masses.