Shut up and listen!

It can be difficult to really listen to your kids, and yet it is so important. To know that you are interested in their lives and their concerns gives children the support they need to help them face life confidently.

  • Encourage your children to tell you what’s happening.
  • Remove distractions (television, phone, computer, other people) where possible.
  • Often it’s not about solving their problems, so don’t jump straight into “fix it” mode.
  • Allow time for the conversation to develop – kids don’t always get to the key issues immediately.


What Children Need from Their Dads

Children need to be accepted and supported as individuals regardless of their academic success, physical ability, sporting prowess, personality, moods, morals or beliefs. This acceptance is often difficult for high-achieving fathers.


Send messages to say “I love you”

Don’t just tell your kids you love them in spoken words – use a variety of ways to communicate.