Skip the Hallmark Card for Mother’s Day

Skip the Hallmark Card for Mother’s Day: Here’s all the words you need…

So…writing flowery words in a sappy card with glitter on it isn’t your thing?

No drama. Here’s an alternate plan that rocks…

  • Get the kids to make a card and help them write one thing that makes their Mum the most amaze-balls woman in the world. It can be as simple as saying ‘you are the best because you do a piggy snort in my ear when you put me to bed’ (direct quote from my five year old son in last year’s card – promise).
  • Play your baby-mumma this clip and watch the laughter ensue.


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As parents, you need to balance the need to keep your children safe with the impetus to encourage them to try new things and to learn about their world.


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