Special relationship with dad

“I made a promise to myself when I was about five that every time I spoke to my dad on the phone I would finish the conversation with an ‘I love you!’. That way if anything happened to him on one of his trips my last words to him would always be ones of love. I still do that, to this day.” – Hannah, daughter of Kim Beazley, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

  • Your children learn from what you do. When you maintain a strong relationship with your Dad, it makes them want to do the same with you
  • Make a conscious effort to tell your children you love them every time you leave. They can never hear those three little words enough
  • While you are at it, tell your wife you love her as well. Building strong relationships will only benefit your family as a whole!


Be creative in how you tell your children you love them

Tell your kids you love them, often, in many different ways.


Parent as a team

Successful parenting requires both a mother and a father or father-figure, and must be a shared responsibility.