Strategies for dealing with bullying

Being bullied can seriously affect a child in many ways. If your child is being bullied at school, here are some tips.

  • Help the child with positive strategies to be strong, not weak, eg by saying ‘leave me alone’, walking away, seeking new friends or telling a trusted adult
  • Don’t blame the school but enlist their help to solve the problem (& stay calm at any meetings)
  • Don’t deal directly with the other child or their parents if you are angry


Help your child learn how to win and lose well

Whether in team or individual sports, or in other competitive arenas, children (and adults!) need to learn how to win or lose well. How you as a father or father figure behave will help guide your child’s response.


Living life with your kids..

A personal recount of how the little moments of fathering combine to build a childhood worth of memories.