Supporting Education.

It’s important to encourage our kids’ learning –  education empowers our kids, giving them the ability to interpret the world around them. Support them by trying these practical tips:

  • Show respect for their teachers – try actively introducing yourself to school staff and thanking them for teaching your kids.
  • Always show teachers respect, even if their teaching style doesn’t match your child’s learning needs perfectly. Smile, listen and raise any concerns in a calm and adult manner.
  • Avoid blaming teachers, or the school, if your child is struggling with study or friendships – work respectfully with the school to see how you can support the staff and your kid(s).
  • Don’t tolerate vandalism – teach your kid(s) about being respectful to their property, school property and their peers’ property.
  • Remind your kids (often) that you believe education is important and continually model this by staying in touch with their progress.
  • Keep showing your kids education is important by supporting school activities such as parent evenings, busy bees and fundraising events.
  • Engage: regularly ask your kids what they learnt today/ this week/ this term.


Support men who choose family over career

Be a leader in the area of good fathering. By being open with others you give men permission to do the same for their families.


Eat together

Even with a busy work schedule it is possible to make family meal time a priority.