Take responsibility

Encourage and expect your kids to take responsibility for their actions and be a role model through your own behaviour.

  • Don’t play the “blame game”.
  • Apologise when you do something wrong.
  • Don’t cover up for your kids, or make excuses for them, when they do something wrong. Teach them to admit and apologise for their mistakes, make up for them in whatever way is appropriate and learn from the experience.


Discussing beliefs with your children, whatever they are

Be open to your children’s questions about what you believe and why. Tell them why you observe certain rituals or attend your place of worship on certain days.


Things no one tells you about being a new dad

Are you going to be a new dad? Well, hear it from the experts and find out the things that no one tells you about being one! But of course, we know that you'll be great no matter what.