Talk about your job

“I don’t think I ever talked to the kids enough about why I was doing what I was doing or what it was all about, for that matter. I just tended not to talk about my work with them, possibly to protect them from being swamped by it. I’m sure I overcompensated.” – Allan Chapple, former principal, Trinity Theological College.

  • Children want to understand where you go and what you do all day. Talk with them in an honest and age appropriate way about what you do at work.
  • Sometimes they may not seem interested, but the reality is that these conversations help them learn more about the world they live in.


The value of everyday moments

Your kids will not always want to spend time with you when you have planned. Be open to conversations at any time.


Get out the pump

Go down to the local park or court and play some sport with your kids.