Talk on the Way to School

“I take the kids to school early and I pick up some of the kids a few days a week. I find it a good time to ask questions about school. This worked out well for Tim with regard to his maths. When we started to talk I asked him, ‘How was maths?’ He told me it was really easy and somehow I knew there was some trouble, because he wasn’t being challenged. Turns out he was in the wrong maths class and I was able to change it at the school.” – Craig Serjeant, former Australian cricketer

  • Time in the car is a great way to stay connected with your child
  • Ask about school and how each subject is going
  • If you have concerns or questions, talk with your child’s teacher


Support your children’s education

Take an active interest in what your child is learning at school, and help them in understanding and applying what they learn.


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