Tell your kids that they are special

It is important to tell your kids and show them how special they are and how unique their future is. Listen to this podcast to find out how, or read the transcript below.

Tell your kids that they are special

When people ask us what kids need from their dads, we always say three things, with the initials B.U.S. – Be there for them, Unconditional love, and S stands for Special. Help them realise how special they are.

Each kid is special and unique, but you’ve got to actually help them realise that. Now we have an analogy, which is that the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal are both very special buildings, but they don’t have to out-special each other! Kids are like that, they are very special and unique.

Can I just encourage you to look at your kids, and ask yourself: what’s special about them? Not so much their talents, but something about them: the way they care for people, their smile, their ideas, their creativity.

One of the important things along that line is to make them realise what a special future they have. One of the things that makes teenagers depressed is that they don’t think their future is special; they think they’re coming out of a photocopier or an assembly line. But they have a unique and special role in life.

They may never be the prime minister, or open the bowling for Australia, but they have a special and unique future, so help them to realise that.


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