The daughter-dad relationship

It is important to understand the power and significance of a daughter-dad relationship. Listen to this podcast by Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below, to find out why.

The daughter-dad relationship

I’m looking at a cartoon in my book on daughters and their dads, and it’s an obstetrician handing the baby over to the dad, and the obstetrician says, “Congratulations! It’s a little girl!” and the dad looks over and he says, “Oh well, I guess I won’t be needed.”

Lots of dads think their role is with the sons, and it is important, sons are apprentices! But that relationship between a father and daughter is so powerful. It’s very important to understand it; it’s important for fathers to understand it. But three other groups need to understand it too:

Husbands need to understand it. If you don’t understand your wife’s relationship with her dad, you will never understand her.

Adult daughters need to understand it, or they won’t understand themselves and why they feel the way they feel about themselves, their bodies, their relationships, or their lack of confidence.

And the final group are father figures. If you’re a grandfather with granddaughters or an uncle with nieces, even your daughter’s friends as they come into the house – you can have a powerful effect as a father figure.

So that relationship between men and daughters is very important.


Draw each other’s portrait

Draw a picture of your child, and ask them to do the same of you. Colour the pictures and then display them to the family.


Spend time together before school

Start work later occasionally and do things with your kids instead.