The importance of father figures

Kids need a strong male role model in their life. A strong father figure is important in a child’s life, particularly when the father is not around or not interested. Listen here as Bruce Robinson talks about why it is important to have a strong father figure in a child’s life, or read the transcript below.

The importance of father figures

In The Fathering Project we help dads to be better dads, but there’s another thing we do which is: we encourage strong father figures, because kids need father figures, particularly when dad isn’t around or he’s not interested.

By father figures – sometimes they’re relatives such as an uncle, a grandfather, someone like that; or sometimes it’s a school teacher, youth leader, youth pastor or sports coach. And, through The Fathering Project we’ve talked to many, many people whose lives were dramatically changed by having a strong father figure who spoke into their life.

I’m an uncle, and I try to be a good father figure to my nephews and nieces. I know I could do a whole lot better, but I’ve thought a lot about how important it is.

What can you do as a father figure? Speak into their lives, spend a little bit of time with them, make them feel special, tell them what great kids they are, and indeed just spending a bit of time with them makes them realise that you think they’re worth spending time with.

So make a bit of effort with all kids who are in your orbit who aren’t your own, but especially those kids who lack their own father input.


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