Tips for separated dads

Even if you are separated from your kids, your role as a father remains important. Listen in to the tips that can help you be a better separated dad, or read the transcript below.

Tips for separated dads

I thought I might talk for a minute to separated dads. I know it’s really hard when you are separated – you love your kids and you just hate to see them go back, you want to be with them all the time. But I’ve got to encourage you and remind you that you remain very important in their lives.

Here’s a few tips that separated dads have taught us:

Firstly, remember that the kids are not your entertainment. Whilst you love them and you’re waiting for your time with them, it’s too much pressure on the kids if they’re your only source of entertainment, and they know you’re hanging out to see them.

And don’t smother them. You really need to get a life, and then involve your kids in the life, otherwise they’ll just worry about you, and it’s a lot of pressure on the kids.

Another important tip is never put their mother down when the kids are with you. Keep it between the two of you.

And finally, keep your word. When you say you’re going to be there on Saturday at 2, be there!

So dads, you remain very important even when you’re separated.


Socialising with your children

Don’t plan too many social activities for your time with your children; leave plenty of time to just hang out with your kids.


Negative Peer Pressure

Don’t avoid talking to your children about peer pressure. Also, invite their friends to your home and get to know them uncritically.