Tips on supporting a child who is being bullied

Here are some tips on what you should advise your child to do if they are being bullied face-to-face.

If you child is bullied face-to-face and can’t stop it from happening:

  • Stay calm and try not to get upset or angry. This is probably what the person bullying wants you to do.
  • Don’t fight back. If you fight back you can make the situation worse, get hurt, or be blamed for starting the trouble.
  • Try standing up for yourself in a positive way if you feel you are able to.
  • Try to act in a way that ignores the bullying by calmly turning and walking away.
  • Walk away from the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Tell a trusted adult what has happened straight away.


Play card games

Play age-appropriate card games with your children.


Be creative in how you tell your children you love them

Tell your kids you love them, often, in many different ways.