Tips to Help Encourage Learning

Maintain a positive attitude to the school

  • show that you place a high value on education
  • value, respect and thank teachers and the school
  • don’t condone disrespect for the buildings of the school
  • attend events like orientation days & busy bees
  • volunteer for canteen duties
  • don’t condone school bullying (girls or boys)

Maintain a positive attitude to learning

  • focus on attitude to learning and progress, not just results
  • don’t compare
  • find their gifts
  • overcome your urge for affirmation – kids are not your ticket to ‘bragging rights’

Be willing to help

  • help with homework
  • help set regular homework periods
  • assist when they are struggling
  • help them develop good study habits – don’t just nag

Stimulate curiosity

  • take them to the museum & local community library
  • help them become interested in nature, world events and interesting people
  • help with school projects
  • help them think ‘out of the box’ with those projects
  • explore the internet with them
  • encourage reading, e.g. ‘FART time’ = ‘Family Altogether Reading Time’
  • involve them in what you are reading, watching or doing

Some things not to do

  • don’t over-organise their lives
  • don’t just complain about lack of curiosity, take them on ‘journeys of curiosity’ with you
  • don’t let them watch unrestricted television – it limits imagination

Responding during everyday life

  • encourage imagination
  • stimulate new ways of thinking whilst travelling, watching the news or performing tasks
  • don’t provide the answers to questions but encourage them to find the answers
  • direct them to the place where answers might be found
  • teach them to question dogmatic statements
  • teach them how to become problem solvers
  • encourage open-mindedness and life-long learning


Why be an engaged and committed dad?

You will almost certainly benefit from being an involved and committed father/father figure.


Make time for kids on work days

Taking your kids to school in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon is a great way to spend time together.