Tips to support your child if they are being bullied online

Make sure they don’t respond. Responding to the bullying brings attention to it and can cause it to become worse.

  1. Block the person who is bullying straight away.
  2. Check their privacy settings social networking site profile is set to private.
  3. Keep a diary of what is happening and when.
  4. Save the evidence of the bullying e.g. screenshot the evidence.
  5. Report the bullying to the site’s service provider to have it removed.
  6. Let your child’s school know. Even if it happened at home or on a weekend, bullying usually happen within the child’s social network of peers. Plus, your school can help you with advice and support your child while at school.

For more information about online safety and how to report or remove cyberbullying go to


Discussing beliefs with your children, whatever they are

Be open to your children’s questions about what you believe and why. Tell them why you observe certain rituals or attend your place of worship on certain days.


Encourage learning

Any time spent together can be a time to teach and to learn.